A Look in History

The team started its track in the plating industry when the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturers began to set foot in Singapore in the '80s. Known for their stringent quality control and relentless effort to improve efficiency and yield, the team quickly builds a name in the plating industry, especially for players in the HDD industry under the brand "ACP". When the HDD industry shifted its focus to Malaysia, the ACP team followed with the setup of another facility then in Johor, Malaysia.

With the again shift of the industry to China and Thailand, the ACP team finally decided this venture in Thailand, giving due consideration of the aspiration of the Kingdom to become a leader in the HDD industry.

Our Vision

The Company aims to become a leading company to support the HDD, Electronics and Automotive industries for plating services.

Reckoning a strong growth in these sectors and the continued support from the Thailand government, our customers will see a value in residing their manufacturing facilities here. The Company is committed to provide quality service to our clients through our decade of experiences and stringent quality control measures.

Our Mission

The mission of the Company is to ensure that we are well equipped with a combination of the best human and machinery factors in order to provide our designated quality service for our customers.

The Company will remains competitive throughout as we develop a culture, philosophy and business plan that is always ready for integration and future changes. Ensuring a quality service to meet customers’ needs will remain our focus as well as to create and pursue new opportunities whenever possible.

Our Team

The Company will enlist the help of our shareholders who have various experiences to steer our Board of Directors to ensure the smooth charting of our development plan and policy.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Mr. Witit Sujjapong, a reputable Thai business executive. The key operational personnel are equipped with more than 20 years of plating experience and the supporting personnel compliment with their in-depth knowledge of their financial and management know-how; thus deriving a solid team who is able to steer the Company to achieve its missions.

Witit Sujjapong, Chairman and Managing Director

Poramade Nimwinya, General Manager, Customer Services