The Company is able to provide turn-key and other comprehensive services covering the various aspects and forms of e-coating, powder coating and wet coating.

We primarily focus on E- Coating, along with our secondary service of de-burring currently. We also provide stripping of defective e-coated parts for re-e-coating.

E-Coating - The factory is now equipped with one of the largest E-Coat systems in Thailand, with capacity of more than 200,000 pieces per day. The system is designed and customized by the team, backed with the true experience it had gathered for enhanced efficiency. ecoating facility

Pre-Treatment - Besides a sophisticated E-Coat system, we are also equipped with both the manual and auto Pre-Treatment System that are able to provide quality pre-treatment to parts prior to E-Coat treatment.

Stripping - Our stripping line is of high capacity and can remove defective coating efficiently without deteriorating surface of the parts. The defective coating may be e-coat, powder or wet paint. After stripping, the parts will be ready for re-coating instantly. Our plant is equiped with the RO system to make DI water to support the pre-treatment and washing line

pre-treatment facility
De-burring - Other than coating services, the factory is also providing an enhanced service with the setup of de-burring services. Parts from customers can be de-burred to specifications before engaging coating process. The de-burring line can provide customer with a one stop or turn-key service, including raw parts procurement. deburring operation
Powder Coating/Wet Coating - We provide industrial-grade powder coating/wet coating completed with pre-treatment, post-treatment and visual inspection. The factory is equipped with ovens for post-treatment, all in clean environment. We also provide masking, touch-up and pad printing for the parts  powder coating
Waste Treatment and Laboratory  - The factory is equipped with a full range of waste treatment system to ensure the factory operating under the required environmental standards. All wastes are treated to remove undesired substances before they are discharged or disposed accordingly. In our continued effort to ensure quality control, the factory is equipped with a Test Laboratory, capable of providing both customers and management with an accurate report on the process and parts. The Test Laboratory also plays a key role in environmental control as all wastes are tested before discharge or dispose. waste treatment facility